In all sectors, businesses are facing rapid transformation which means companies must hop on some business trends to stay on track. There are also huge global changes and challenges, such as climate change and shifts in political and economic power, which must be addressed. In short, our world is changing rapidly, and companies must learn to adapt accordingly.

These five major trends show us how business operations are evolving to adapt to this rapidly changing world.

Let’s get into it!

Business Trends in 2022

Business Trend 1: Sustainable and resilient operations

The first business trend is sustainability. Lately, much of society, especially young people, have become more environmentally conscious. Our planet’s resources are limited and we must take care of it and preserve it at all costs.

Therefore, organizations must try to eliminate or reduce the environmental costs of their activity. Many companies are focusing on the supply and production chain of their products. However, the real change they are making is in their company culture, as the real change starts from within.

Companies such as Heura, FitPlanet, Repot, Perkal, among others, are clear examples of society’s awareness translated into the business world.

Business trends heura sustainability

Sustainability is the future, and any company that ignores this point is unlikely to do well in this age of conscious consumption.

Trend 2: The balance between human workers and intelligent robots

We are in the digital age which means that technology is not only part of our lives, it is the mainstay. 

Many sectors implemented process automation over the past few years. Moreover, it will probably be reaching all business sectors in a short time. 

Thus, companies will save a lot of time in different processes, providing great benefits.

For example, Hubspot or MailChimp make it possible to automate the entire email process of an eCommerce from the time an order is placed until it reaches the customer, among many other things.

Trend 3: The shift in the talent pool and employee experience

The way we work is evolving. What’s more, the Covid-19 pandemic has precipitated that evolution at stratospheric speed.

Traditional full-time employment, as we have known it until now, will be a thing of the past. Instead, flexible schedules and the possibility of being able to work remotely some days of the week, something unthinkable a few years ago, are gaining momentum by the minute.

At Discoverfy we already take advantage of this flexibility in schedules and locations, and some of our employees, who are also studying, are very grateful for it, as it allows them to organize themselves as they wish. No specific schedules are forcing them.

Trend 4: Flatter, more agile organizations

Traditionally, organizations have been very hierarchical and rigid in their structures. This perspective is changing, as leaders recognize the need for flatter, more agile structures that allow the company to quickly reorganize teams or deal with tasks more efficiently.

Aside from improvements in team reorganization and efficiency, companies with flat structures benefit from other important things. For example, seeing your “boss” working side by side with you can be an important morale booster for any worker. We also saw this in a previous post on Napoleon.

Trend 5: Authenticity

Today, consumers are looking for a deeper connection with brands. Brands must share consumers’ values in order to build a strong community.

Authenticity helps foster human connections with consumers. We want brands to care about issues and stand for more than just their own profit.

So the trend for companies is to ensure that they exist to serve a meaningful purpose, not just to focus on their profit. This purpose holds the promise of transforming or striving for something better.

This is the way for companies to be authentic and unique, and connect meaningfully with their consumers. 

That’s all for today! We hope you liked these business trends and found them inspiring.

Thank you very much for reading us as always.

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