The last post of the year. A 2021 to remember. The last week of a year that will surely remain engraved in our minds.

At Discoverfy we wanted to dedicate our last post of the year to a reflection. And we would like you to take some time to think as well. After this complicated, difficult, challenging, confusing, but at the same time interesting, demanding, motivating year, the experiences we have lived make up a long list.

To all of us. For all of us. For all that we have lost, but also for all that we have gained. For all of this and much more, goodbye 2021. 

A 2021 to remember

Wherever you are, whether at home reading this article from your computer, or at the office, stop for a moment and think.

First, think of all the people who have left us throughout this year. Whether due to illness, accidents, or the damn virus. To all of them, we owe this recognition because, most likely, without them, we would not be where we are today.

But also, because they are the ones who remind us that there is only one life and we must enjoy it to the fullest. That any moment can be the last. This. This is what gives meaning to life.

At the end of our days, we all leave this world in the same way, with nothing. It doesn’t matter how much money you have or everything you own. We leave it all behind. So what really matters is that you have lived a full and happy life. And, above all, without any regrets.

Second, once we have thought about the meaning of life, it’s now time to ask ourselves: Am I happy? 

A 2021 to remember: are you happy?

If the answer is “no”, ask yourself why you are not happy. What is wrong with your life, or what else do you need to be happy —remember that we are not referring to material objects, although if you need a Ferrari to be happy, go ahead.

If the answer is “yes”, congratulations! You’ve understood what the game of life is all about, and you’re enjoying every bit of it. As it should be.

Finally, we want you to think about where you were just a year ago. Is your current self a better version of yourself from a year ago?

A good way to know this is to set goals to determine where you were a year ago.

New Year’s resolutions

We are in the week of the year when we probably live less in the present. Almost all of us spend the entire week reviewing the past and looking to the future, hoping we’ve learned enough to continue to grow as people and professionals.

Every year, we take out our notebooks, post-its, or Word documents —those of us who like to have everything on the computer—, where we have written down the resolutions we wrote down during this time a year ago. 

Resolutions such as “learn a new language”, “exercise more”, or “get a raise” are the most repeated among us. And yet, year after year we write down the same goals for the coming year, letting them fall into oblivion a week after eating the grapes.

If you are one of these people, Discoverfy would like to tell you a way for you not to forget your goals.

After reading the book Measure What Matters by John Doerr —a book that we will summarize in detail later in another post—, we believe that some of the advice he gives can be applied to our daily lives.

For this reason, we wanted to combine it with the New Year’s resolutions. This way we hope you can achieve everything you set out to do in the coming year. 

Normally, you make a division by quarters. The idea is to think about what you can do that quarter to achieve those resolutions at the end of the year. For example: If my goal is to learn a new language, in the first quarter I will learn X words. But it has to be something ambitious.

In this way, you have sub-goals that directly impact your overall goals that will help you keep on track.

Happy 2022!

So much for today’s post “A 2021 to remember”. We hope it has inspired you to put into perspective all that you have done and learned this year, and to achieve all of your goals for the year ahead and become better versions of yourselves.

Thanks so much for reading us as always.

See you in the next post 🙂 Happy 2022!

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