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Shopify Best Apps

Shopify Best Apps

The multitude of apps that you can find within the Shopifty directory is immense. Finding the best Shopify apps there is not an easy task.  Sometimes, eCommerce are not able to find the apps that… Read More »Shopify Best Apps

First Party Data

First-Party Data

First-Party Data is one of the trends benefiting the most from the Cookie Apocalypse and the banning of Third-Party Cookies.  According to eMarketer, 85% of U.S. marketers and 75% of Western European respondents said that… Read More »First-Party Data

what is zero party data

Zero Party Data

The Cookie Apocalypse precipitates the end of Third Party Cookies, leaving many eCommerce in the lurch. Much has been said about the possible solutions, but above all, about the other existing ways to capture user… Read More »Zero Party Data