Today we bring you an article a little different than usual, How do we edit Entrepreneur Real Stories videos.

A couple of months ago we set out to complement the added value we were giving in our blog. We had the idea that CEOs, founders, or industry experts from other companies would write in it to provide the maximum knowledge in areas that perhaps we didn’t dominate so much.

We quickly realized that for professionals with such limited time, it would be quite difficult for them to find the time to write an article. So, we made a change and proposed different ideas to reduce that time. The ideas that sounded best were Podcasts or Video-Interviews. 

In the end, we chose the latter for several reasons, although the most important one was to take advantage of the video recording and editing skills of our Content Specialist, Víctor Valls —editor of the YouTube channel Uri Vyce—. However, we don’t rule out the creation of our own podcast in the future.

Having explained the context, let’s see how we make the videos!

How we edit the Entrepreneur Real Stories videos

Entrepreneur Real Stories #4 with Apartool

Contact and setting up

First of all, our Co-Founders, Alejandro Ribó and Blas Segarra, contact the brands or companies to see if they would be willing to be interviewed in front of a camera. Although practically all of them end up accepting, a large number of them don’t like to speak in front of a camera. It makes them nervous and insecure. 

Fortunately, Alex and Blas conduct our interviews. By talking to them, they make the interviewees relax and forget that they are in front of a camera.

Normally, we go to the company’s offices. Once we are there, we set up all the paraphernalia in one of their rooms. The most important thing to take into account at this point is the decoration behind the person. 

Then, Victor claps his hands a couple of times to synchronize the camera audio with the microphone audio. And let’s roll!

Interviews usually last between 10 and 20 minutes depending on the length of the answer. Also, since our idea is to have a short video of less than 5 minutes, that’s enough for us.

B-roll recording

How we edit the Entrepreneur Real Stories.
Víctor recording some B-roll

Once the interview is over, it’s time to record the B-roll. The B-roll is a resource to make the video more entertaining. It also helps correct continuity mistakes during the interview. It consists of recording different shots from another point of view, or from other locations. Here is a more complete definition of B-roll in case you are interested.

At that moment, Victor records different shots of the offices, the team working, the product (if there is one), or the service. Sometimes these shots are not enough for later editing, and that’s why we also make screen recordings of the websites.

OBS Studio is the platform we use to record the screen. OBS allows both screen recording and live streaming on platforms like Twitch.

Video editing

This is where the magic happens. After transferring all the files from the camera to the computer, Victor opens Premiere where he places the video files in the timeline. Then, he syncs the audio from the camera to the microphone thanks to the clapping done at the beginning of the interview, and that’s it.  

He then listens to all the questions over and over again in the program. Analyzes them and arranges them so that they follow the thread of a story. He cuts and eliminates both the bits of Alex’s or Blas’s questions and the parts of the interview that don’t add much value. 

Once the questions are correctly ordered, it’s time to put the B-roll videos on top in order to make a more attractive video for the viewer. As much as possible, the images of the B-roll videos will match the explanation of the question in question.

Then background music is introduced to give a certain rhythm to the interview. We also add the intro and outro with the Discoverfy logos.

Finally, Victor reviews the entire video and translates the content sentence by sentence into English. And with this, everything is ready to export the video.


The time of the export process varies depending on the computer you are editing with. In our case, it usually takes between 10 and 30 minutes.

Before publication, we choose a frame of the video and use Photoshop to edit the thumbnail that will work as a cover on the blog, LinkedIn and Youtube.

Then, we upload the video to Youtube which allows us to link it to the blog articles where we will make a compilation of all the Entrepreneur Real Stories videos.

Finally, we write a post for LinkedIn with one of the most interesting sentences from the interview and introduce our guest and his brand to our followers. 

And that’s it! That’s how we edit our Entrepreneur Real Stories videos. We know it’s a different article than what we usually upload, but we hope you liked it. And who knows, maybe it has inspired you to create something similar. Hopefully!

Thank you very much for reading us as always and we look forward to seeing you next week 🙂

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