At Discoverfy we have started our first Thanksgiving tradition. 

Why did we do it? Well, because our Content Specialist Intern, Victor Valls, lived in the United States for 4 years and told us about this tradition. We thought it was a good idea, so we decided to start it this year.

The tradition is very simple. It consists of the whole group standing in a circle. Then, one by one they comment on something in their life that they are thankful for. It can be about their professional or personal life, about love relationships, about material things, etc.

Although it may seem silly, Victor told us that for someone who had just arrived in that country, seeing his friends’ families all gathered together and adopting you as one of them to share their traditions meant a lot. 

We are sure you can find several similarities between Victor’s experience of going to another country and that of a person who has just arrived in your company.

Read on to find out what our employees are thankful for. 

Let’s go!

The Thanksgiving tradition

Victor Valls, Content Specialist Intern

For his experience, Victor was the icebreaker. He was thankful “to be able to be at Discoverfy, a place where I have a good time working on what I like”.

And it’s not that we are advertising Discoverfy and saying that working here is great —which it is ;)— but according to what he told us: In his last job, his contributions were not very important. The relationships with his colleagues were very good, but the professional gap was too big.

That’s why he told us that he is happier here, as he feels much more valued.

Alejandro Ribó, CEO and Co-Founder

The next to speak was Alejandro. The CEO and Co-Founder thanked “All the people who believe in me: team, investors, clients, family, friends… Thank you for your trust. In the hardest moments, feeling the encouragement of your loved ones makes you fly”. 

The truth is that life is full of ups and downs, whether in your personal or professional life. When you start a new project, there will always be blows of fate that you can’t predict, and that will make you question everything.

In those moments of maximum confusion, Alex remembers the words of all the people who have been joining this project, and help him to move forward.

Blas Segarra, Co-Founder and Head of Sales

Blas delighted us with a profound reflection: “I thank my family and friends for their unconditional support in everything I do. Both on a personal level and when I decided to leave my job to embark on the madness of entrepreneurship”.

Leaving your job to embark on a new adventure is not easy. At Discoverfy we are sure that as a good entrepreneur, you know perfectly well the difficulties of making this kind of decision. And that without the support of your family and friends, it is sure to be an uphill struggle.

Martín Colombo, CTO and Co-Founder

Martín is thankful for “having the possibility of being able to choose where to live and work, thanks to the European passport, the economic capacity and the fact that there will always be work for developers”.

Having the freedom to move anywhere in the world without being tied to any place is incredible. Martín is grateful that his passion opens so many doors for him and that it also comes with good salaries.

Juliana Roseiro, UX/UI Design Expert

One of the things Juliana is grateful for is that “This year I discovered a new career in UX/UI Design that I am very passionate about”.

In this world, you have to be always in constant movement. Never stop learning and never stop looking for new interests and passions, and even less in a startup. Don’t stop, keep going.

Marco Patiño, Full Stack Engineer

“I am grateful to have been born here. I am grateful to have enjoyed quality education and healthcare,” said Marco.

If there is something to be grateful for in this country apart from the food and the many hours of daylight time, it’s the quality of education and healthcare, both of which are accessible to everyone. This country is an ocean of intellect and creativity, and it shows with the thousands of people who every day decide to start their personal projects.

Jordi Alfonso, Full Stack Developer Intern

“For my family.” This is how Jordi summed up what he was thankful for. Although similar to Blas’ reflection, Jordi wanted to focus more on the family as a fundamental pillar in his life.

Many of us have been lucky enough to have grown up in a family where there has always been a dish on the table; where we have always had a roof over our heads; or where we have been given a lot of love. However, there are people who for whatever reason have not been able to enjoy something like that.

That’s why from Discoverfy we want to tell you that you should not take your family for granted and that you should value every day what they do for you.

Santiago Moliner, Full Stack Developer Intern

One of the things Santiago is grateful for is “For the city I live in”. Barcelona is, without a doubt, one of the best cities in the world to live in. The magical mix between the sea and the mountains captivates everyone who visits it for the first time. 

In addition, the architectural beauty of the city together with the people who inhabit it create an atmosphere of absolute creativity that attracts the most curious minds. Once you live here, you don’t want to leave. 

That’s it for today’s post! It’s been a bit long, but we hope you liked today’s article. 

See you in the next post 🙂

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