The Mobile World Congress 2021 has been different. There were no strikes, no major traffic jams, and English no longer predominated at the fair. In this edition, with many security measures, the feeling wasn’t the same, so much that the great protagonist was the 4YFN. The pandemic couldn’t slow down Startups in Barcelona. As Barcelona is still a talent engine that managed to fill, especially local audiences, Hall 2 of the Fira Gran Via de L’Hospitalet.

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In the startup ecosystem the 3 entrepreneurs that everyone talked about were: Enric Asunción (Wallbox), Marc Coloma (Heura) and Josep Casas (Naturitas).

Wallbox at the Mobile World Congress 2021

Wallbox was a trend, not only because of the great boom in electric vehicles, but also because it joined the list of Spanish unicorns. The company joined the list after having started trading on Wall Street with a valuation of 1,200 million euros. Banco Sabadell offered a session “Barcelona Local Heroes” at the Mobile World Congress 2021 with Enric Asunción at the head of a great shortlist of speakers. He left us some headlines such as “startups need to focus and align efforts to grow” or “investment and talent come later as consequence of it ”. All eyes on the world leader in electric chargers, which expects to have a turnover of 1 billion euros in 2025.


Heura at the Mobile World Congress 2021


Heura has also been making a lot of noise with its “food revolution” to “save animals” through vegetable meat. Now, with even more force after raising 16 million euros in its last investment round. David Cabero interviewed Marc Coloma who shared his vision on how to build a brand from a purpose. He surprised everyone by saying: “We see the meat sector as an ally, we want to help it and be part of its revolution”. Coloma and Cabero (General Manager BIC Europe) are part of the board of directors of Netmentora. There, they have published a post on their blog with the 10 inspirational quotes that define Heura.

Naturitas at the Mobile World Congress 2021

Naturitas CEO and Co-Founder, Josep Casas, explained his success story. First, from the Bootstrap approach with a session offered by CaixaBank’s DayOne. Later, at the Innovation & Business Prototyping Summit moderated by Daniel Martín from Noba Ventures.


Casas met his Co-Founder doing an MBA at IESE. Due to his lactose and egg intolerance, they set up an eCommerce of specialized products scraping a wholesaler’s catalog. At the same time, they founded Un Plis which at that time was competing in delivery with Glovo. Josep and Esteban didn’t want to raise “InvestmentMegaRounds” and dilute their shares more than needed. Therefore, they closed the business quickly, a good example of “fail fast”.

6 years later, with an international presence, 64 million euros of revenue and EBITDA positive from day one, their amazing growth has led them to sell the company to Uriach. Uriach is the oldest pharmaceutical company in Spain, who insisted on how good their big data and knowledge of customer were, in addition to how they launched new own-brand nutritional supplements in less than 3 months, when for Uriach took at least 2.5 years.

The bootstrap decalogue by Josep Casas:

1- Not everything can be bootstrapped.

2- The founding team has to be balanced and complementary, money is not the limit.

3- Don’t risk personal assets, today it is easy to raise money and you shouldn’t have financial guarantees with banks.

4- Play with working capital to finance yourself.

5- It is not necessary that many hypotheses are fulfilled to validate your business model, with 1 is enough.

6- Lean startup: you don’t need to have the perfect product, you always have to validate first.

7- The first 5 hirings are key, the product can be changed, the team is more difficult.

8- Differentiate yourself from competitors, you have to know and analyze them very well.

9- Only raise money if you need it and always look for the “break even”.

10- Be frugal, less is more.

It is not a coincidence that these 3 projects propose great changes in society. This pandemic is crying out for us to do things differently, with ourselves and with the planet, respecting our health and the entire ecosystem.

We hoped you liked our article about the 3 most inspiring entrepeneurs of the Mobile World Congress 2021.

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