First of all, we’re aware that there are many more psychological tricks to sell more in your business, but this is just a recompilation of our top 5 tricks that everyone should always have in mind.

Salespeople use all kinds of psychological tricks to persuade their customers to buy their products. They take advantage of human behaviors that allow them to influence their buying decisions.

Before we start with the compilation of the best 5 psychological tricks to sell more in your business, two important things are worth mentioning:

  • First, the purpose of these tricks is not in any case to deceive your customers, but to learn how to better present the value proposition of your business.
  • Second, this compilation of tricks is not a guaranteed success. You have to try your own tricks to see what works in your particular case.

Now, let’s take a look at this compilation of psychological tricks to sell more.

Are you sending a clear message to the world?

First convince and then make an irresistible offer

One of the most common mistakes we all make at the beginning is to start offering discounts right from the start. A discount or a bonus should be the last tool you use. 

You should first convince your potential buyers by showing them the product and explaining its features. Then, when they have already made up their mind, offer them the discounts so that they think “Wow amazing!”. 


Surely you have noticed that on websites like Amazon, there’s always a phrase next to the price that indicates the remaining units of that product. Terms like “Only 2 left in stock”, “Only a few units left”, or “Offer valid for a limited time” create the feeling that the buyer has to decide soon or he will lose the opportunity to benefit from the offer or your product.

Amazon shortage example as a psychological trick to sell more in your business.
Amazon shortage example

As silly as it may seem, human beings are naturally like that. We tend to appreciate things more when we are about to lose them than when they are always offered to us.


Positioning yourself as an expert in your field or getting industry experts to use and recommend your product are two of the best positions to demonstrate authority. If you manage to gain a significant degree of authority in the minds of buyers, they will have more confidence in you than in your competition.


One of the basic rules of society is based on the reciprocity of favors. I’m sure you know the saying: “It’s good to be grateful”. In fact, no one wants to have the reputation of being the complete opposite. Being labeled a “freeloader” or ungrateful is one of the worst attributes you can be characterized with, isn’t it?

So, don’t be afraid to give as much free value to people as possible. When you give something, people tend to feel indebted to you and that increases your chances of influencing them. 

Social Proof

Being the first to do something is always scary. That’s why human beings need to see that other people have done it before to make up their minds. Add opinions, testimonials, reviews, etc. on your website, products, social networks, wherever sincerely. 

If you have just started a business and don’t have reviews yet, don’t hesitate to contact your first customers to leave their opinion about your product or service. Don’t be afraid to insist; if they’re really liking your product or service, don’t hesitate to ask them because it won’t be a big effort for them. 

Obviously, these are just a few examples of the many psychological tricks that exist to sell more in your business. Even so, we believe that they are the most important bases to lay down before starting with any other tricks.

What other tricks would be in your top 5? Leave us a comment!

See you in the next post 🙂

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