If lately you’ve seen how your engagement or perhaps the number of followers on your Instagram account has decreased, and you’ve been wondering, is my Instagram dead? From Discoverfy we want to tell you not to worry.

Don’t take it as a personal attack. It’s happening to everyone. And do you know why? Because Instagram has become the world of competitiveness.

However, there are some specific steps you can take to outdo your competition. 

So if you’re looking to promote your business and make money, in today’s post we’ll look at the different steps for you to get out there and kick it with your Instagram.

Here we go!

Why are you having trouble growing and selling on Instagram?

All social media platforms have a certain life cycle, just like everything else in life. It starts with launch, continues with growth, and ends with monetization at its peak.

Instagram was no exception. The launch phase is the phase with the most progression around growth that you can have, so were its beginnings. The growth phase, which we got to a few years ago, was where Instagram wanted to take the highest market share. And finally, the monetization phase, which Instagram has recently started to implement.

In the changes of this last phase, is where it affects our Marketing strategy for Instagram. Instagram what it wants is to make money so it will only benefit or promote those accounts that help you make more money. 

The different steps so that my Instagram is not dead.

Now, we have clarified that Instagram is only going to help you if they can make a profit from you. In other words, they will reward you by giving you exposure if you are able to keep users longer on the platform. Why?

Because this means that the longer users stay on Instagram, the more ads you can show them.

So without further ado, let’s look at the different steps we can take to get on their radar.

Step 1: Create content that no one has seen before.

The first step to avoid a dead Instagram account is to create content that no one has seen before. If you create content that no one has seen before, you’ll help Instagram achieve their goal so they’ll help you achieve yours. 

Instagram dead - product white background
Product with white background

One of the most important things to keep in mind is that you should not post photos of your products with a white background. These types of photos are spectacular, but they should only be used on the product page of your website.

You will have a serious problem if you want to captivate users’ attention on Instagram with a flat photo with a white background. Instead, post someone using your product. That will generate more interest in the user who will stay longer looking at that post. 

Also, do NOT try to be perfect. Our society has the conception that everything has to be perfect, but it is not. Adding human elements to our photos or videos makes the post more real. This will help users feel identified with some of the reactions, emotions, or feelings. 

Step 2: Be Consistent

We are aware that you have heard this advice millions of times, but that’s just the way it is. Today’s society is systematized to follow an order in everything. We wake up, we eat, we work. Then, we take a nap, we go to dinner with friends, we party, and we sleep. 

Maintaining consistency in all the posts you upload will drastically improve your engagement with users. They will know that on X day at X time you will publish a new post that they have never seen before, so they will be looking forward to it. 

And remember, growing your brand on Instagram won’t happen overnight, it’s a long-distance race. So be patient and consistent enough to achieve your goals.

Also, your posts should not be boring. It seems obvious, doesn’t it? Of course, but what we mean is to take whatever content you are making and be very active and dynamic with it. 

Step 3: Stop Making Selfish Content

Selfish content is anything you post related to your own agenda, your ego, or your own business.

In a book one of us read at one of the monthly Book Club, he talked about how we are each the protagonists of our own lives. This statement – apart from reinforcing the self-centeredness of our society – was not without a grain of truth. 

What we want as a brand is to bring as much value as possible to users -those protagonists of their own stories- so that they enjoy, are entertained, and learn from your content. 

After having captured the attention of users is when you can think about starting to monitor, but never before. Which, if you notice, is the strategy that Instagram followed in the beginning.

This is it for our post today, we hope you liked it and it has helped you to improve your Instagram strategy, so your Instagram isn’t dead anymore.

Thank you very much as always for reading us!

See you in the next post 🙂

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